Amanda Thomson, Founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott loves sparkling wine and always wants to know exactly what’s in her bottle. She created her own sparkling wine portfolio that is organic, vegan-friendly, alcoholic or alcohol-free, and avoids adding any unnecessary sugar to the production process.

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Why choose us?


Only 100% Organic Grapes

We pride ourselves on using only the best organic grapes for our Prosecco and Noughty bottles. Our grapes are grown with minimal intervention in the harvesting and production process.


No animal by-products

We never use any animal by-products in the filtration process meaning that all our sparkling wines are vegan friendly. Even if you’re not vegan, you can rest assured that there are no crustaceans, egg or fish in our bottles.


Cut unnecessary sugar, You’re sweet enough

Where possible we avoid adding unnecessary sugar to the production process. This means that if you are conscious of your sugar intake, we are able to give you chapter and verse on exactly how much sugar each one of our bottles contains.


We are committed to 100% recyclable packaging for all our deliveries.

We are committed to 100% recyclable packaging for all our deliveries. Our bottles are all 100% recyclable, as is the cork,
 cage and box. We work hard to make sure that any products we produce are ethically sourced or are reusable.

Low carb?

We’d rather help you change your lifestyle to drink beautifully and occasionally or not drink at all.

Wine is naturally low in carbohydrates, but we recommend that if you are dieting, then the answer is to not drink alcohol at all as it is burned first before the body burns any other fats so slows down any weight loss. We’d rather subscribe to changing your lifestyle and drinking beautifully and occasionally or not drinking alcohol at all.

Low calorie?

Low calorie wine?

All alcohol contains calories and, with spoonfuls of sugar often added to sparkling wine, it’s not surprising that the calorie count can add up. We produce all our wine in the purist possible way, avoiding the addition of any unnecessary added sugar during production where we can. However, all our bottles indicate the calories in case you’re counting them.

“Everybody asks what’s in their food
but nobody asks what’s in their wine.”

Founder of Thomson & Scott

Recent posts

Introducing Noughty

We’re proud of our Prosecco, but we know that not everyone drinks alcohol. We also know that the market for zero alcohol drinks isn’t particularly exciting so we wanted to change that.

Noughty is produced with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes, and the wine is de-alcoholized using a patented technique without any additional sugar or artificial aromas. It’s vegan, just like the rest of our range, and suitable for those observing Halal. 

In the news

“A gift from God.”

The Times

“You know you want in,
so don’t even try to
pretend you’re too cool.”

The Guardian

“Basically a health food.”

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