Zizzi's on the Up

A Zizzi's restaurant interior

Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco features on the wine list in all 140+ (and counting!) Zizzi restaurants across the UK. We’re naturally (in every sense) a perfect match for freshly made Italian food, but we’re also helping the restaurants vegan customers enjoy their night out.

Did you know many sparkling wines use filters such as animal blood (sorry if you’re reading this while eating lunch…) in their production methods? Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco is certified vegan, and it’s organic too, making it a delicious match for those who choose Zizzi’s vegan cheese option – the chain now sells 3,600 vegan dishes a week.

And well done Zizzi on increasing its revenues and investing heavily in refurbishment – we like that every branch is designed to complement its location. Zizzi is part of the Azzurri group and its chief executive Steve Holmes notes in the FT today: “We’ve launched a skinny Prosecco – half the sugar but all the alcohol and for today’s millennials, there’s nothing not to like there”.

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