Your Secret Santa Solutions Solved

By Amanda Morison

There are only two ways to successfully do a Secret Santa:

1) Find the most hilarious, unusual, just-rude-enough game or gadget that hasn't been done before, which means 'no' to the vibrating head massager, and 'No, no, no' to the novelty - I took part in Secret Santa and all I got was this s*** mug - mug.

2) Come up with something that will genuinely be loved.

Enter the Skinny Mini Prosecco.

Your work colleagues will thank you for it...

Everything about this vegan, organic hit of bubbles says, 'You have discernment, style and I actually like working with you.'

It's a treat.  It's fun.  It's organic and vegan.  It's, well, it's a party in a bottle.  Not bad for just shy of £6.50 a pop (£38.99 for a Skinny Mini Six Pack). 

And if you sign up today you'll get 10% off your first purchase.  What's not to like?


We'll also help you company carbon footprint...

All our packing is made using only 100% recyclable materials, because we want to be as kind to the planet as we are to our tribe of Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco fans.

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