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As a former journalist, I’ve found being on the other side of the tape recorder a fascinating process. Before an interview I think hard about how much to reveal and what to focus on, and then me being me, get carried away and tell the entire history of Thomson & Scott. Usually only a tiny bit of the interviewed conversation makes it to print or online, so it was a real buzz to feature at such length in We Mean Business London - The Entrepreneur Inspiration Series.

I was given a platform to argue my case for transparency in wine bottle labelling, why sugar really is a BIG issue, and how it feels to create, “the basic bitch drink” as hailed by The Guardian.

Here’s the article in full, including eureka moments, moving to Paris, and learning who to listen to. Perhaps @_startupkitchen via Twitter sums it up best: “Be authentic & be stubborn & prove people wrong!”

A tshirt that reads 'Champagne is like Duct Tape, it fixes everything'

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