Small is Beautiful at London Fashion Week’s 'A' by Jigsaw Show

We love London Fashion Week!

It gets bigger every year, and shows the world just what a force Britain is when it comes to style.

Last week, however, you could argue that Thomson & Scott’s place in the razzmatazz got smaller when our Skinny Mini bottles of Skinny Prosecco partnered the A by Jigsaw catwalk show.

Buyers, fashion editors, bloggers and off-duty models enjoyed their Skinny Prosecco on the move, sipping the fizz through special biodegradable straws. CEO and founder Amanda Thomson even got to meet one of her all-time heroines, fashion editor Hilary Alexander.

A by Jigsaw is the brand’s contemporary designer collection, focusing on luxury, fluid shapes, impeccable cut, and couture-worthy fabrics. The line perfectly reflects Jigsaw’s mantra that, “Fashion is temporary but style is permanent”.

On-trend and perfect synergy for Thomson & Scott. You Magazine might describe Skinny Prosecco as “Very LFW”, but our focus is very much on the sustainable. It’s not just the aforementioned biodegradeable straws, but sparkling Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco will never go out of fashion! 

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