Ministry of Fitness

"…We’re all about working hard and playing hard. #BeGoodToBeBad is about life’s balance. We are a social fitness movement, without all the pretentious implications. We’re throwing out the usual rules, having fun with wellness and showing that there’s nothing wrong with loving carbs as much as cardio. So put down the kale, pick up a cocktail and get ready for a new type of gym-ing experience."

Apart from the ‘gym’ mention, the passage from Ministry does Fitness could be straight from the Thomson & Scott website. We adore their work and play hard ethos, and can vouch for the fun and intensity of their fitness classes. Whether you want a protein shake, a coffee or a glass of Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco (hey, you’ve just done an Endorphin & Energy Explosion class!) see you at the bar part of the Elephant & Castle establishment when it opens in the coming month.

Hopefully I’ll be there at the same time as you, and the Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco will be on me!

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