Make Us Your New Favourite on Ocado!

By Ian Thomson

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Rejoice! The nation's favourite online supermarket is now stocking Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco and Skinny Champagne.

Ocado is famous for the quality of its produce, so it's pretty life-affirming that our organic, vegan and delicious Prosecco has made the grade. 

Our Champagne, just to remind you, is vegan, Grand Cru (That's sort of French for "The Best!"), and contains up to 0.1g of sugar per litre - approx a finger pinch of the deadly granules.

Put us on your hit list

Add us to your FAVOURITES list on Ocado because, if the excitement on our social media channels is anything to go by, the shelves won't be stocked for long.

With all the healthy noise around vegan lifestyles becoming ever more popular, it's perfect timing to switch to our range of plant-based sparkling wines. 

If you'd have asked us a couple of years ago if anyone cared about that fact that our bottles were vegan we'd have said it was most important that we cared.  Now it seems you can't move for vegan atheletes and grime artists all choosing the face and diary-free route.

Sign up as a subscriber and get 10% off first purchase at our own online store...

If you've already signed up as a subscriber, you'll know that we've also just launched our Skinny Mini Six Packs, which are also a huge hit with our regular shoppers.  They've arrived just in time for the festive season.  If you're yet to register with us, you can benefit from a 10% discount on your first purchase so you might want to put it towards these little beauties.

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