Learning from the Entrepreneurs of the Future

We’re just about breathing again after London Fashion Week 2017. This time round we partnered with Jigsaw, the beautifully British label I’ve long admired for its, ‘Fashion is temporary, style is permanent’ vibe.

Young models

We launched Thomson & Scott Skinny Champagne Grand Cru, Skinny Champagne Grand Cru Rosé and Skinny Prosecco alongside luxe active wear brand Monreal at the Met Bar, COMO Metropolitan hotel.

I was also invited to talk to a bunch of passionate, energetic MBA branding and marketing students taking time away from studies in Shanghai to research the luxury fitness market. Absolutely my kind of lecture hall crowd!

I make no secret about loving hanging out with those a couple of decades younger than me. 20-somethings don’t tend to be fixed in their views, which I find really inspiring.

The students were accompanied by Professor Michel Phan, Editor-in-Chief of Luxury Research Journal. He's sitting next to me in the image with this post, wearing glasses and waving. He'd smilingly warned me in advance that the students would most likely have a lot of probing, challenging questions. He wasn't wrong!

Head over to LinkedIn to find out the questions thrown at me by the students I’d come to teach. Turned out I was the one doing the learning because the students’ incisive comments really made me think about my brand, and what it stands for.

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