It's Our Duty...

We aren’t putting our prices up, despite duty rising at the rate of the inflation, and something called Brexit.

When it’s budget time our faces feel as red as the box in which the Chancellor so famously transports his speech. Will the duties on sparkling wine rise, with all of the implications that might mean for parties and good times?

It's our duty

Last year the tax bill on wine sloshed over £4billion for the first time. Wine duties in the UK are the second highest in Europe. At Thomson & Scott we’re also aware that in most European countries duty is only levied on sparkling wine. Not something we’d like to consider in the UK where at least we’re treated on a par with our still counterparts.

This time around duties weren’t increased. But before you start popping corks, consider that duty will continue to rise by inflation. This on top of the uncertainties of Brexit and the difficulties of importing with a tumbling sterling. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has warned that prices of champagne and Prosecco are forecast to rise by £1 and by 59 pence per bottle respectively. Which makes us feel sad. So sad that we’re refusing to give in and aren’t putting our prices up.

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