(Don't) Give Me Five

News five pound note.

There was justifiable shock when it was discovered that those crumple-free polymer five pound notes used tallow in their production.

Tallow, as you probably know, is a substance made from mutton or beef fat, and therefore carefully avoided by vegans, vegetarians and members of certain faiths. So it’s a bit annoying to find it in your wallet. In just the same way you’d probably rather know if animal products are bouncing around in your glass of sparkling wine.

Sadly, not all Prosecco are vegan because many use ground bone and even blood to help filter the wine to impart that characteristic cloud-free sparkle. So when you hand over your fivers to treat yourself to a bottle of Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, then you can rest assured that at least one side of the transaction will be vegan.

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